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A Russian Hacker is selling Ransomware for few bucks on Dark Web

Russian Hacker selling Ransomware

Ransomware is one of the threatening application made by some black hat hackers for the extortion among many people , businesses & hospitals. A threatening news of Russian Hacker selling Ransomware on dark web for just $175. Russian Hacker selling Ransomware on Dark Web Ransomware is one the easiest way to have money by threatening people […]

A Russian hacker was arrested in Spain for involvement in US Election Hacking

Russian Hacker arrested

A Russian hacker was arrested in Spain on Friday as the suspect over last year US presidential election. He is suspect in hacking the election process. Russian Hacker arrested in Spain This Russian Hacker named Pyotr Levashov is arrested by the Police in Spain after a International warrant has been issued for his arrest. Russian Ambassy […]

Wikileaks claims a new document that shows CIA is hacking Windows PC using Grasshopper program

CIA Grasshopper Program

Th document leaked by Wikileaks in forwarding the vault 7 series has a new update. Wikileaks has released a new set of 27 documents that belongs to CIA Grasshopper Program. Wikileaks reveals CIA Grasshopper Program This set of 27 documents is named as grasshopper. It reveals a CLI framework that is developed by CIA that brings malware designed […]

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