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Debian Edu 9 OS Skolelinux Lands as a Complete Linux Solution for Your School – Debian Stretch Education Linux Skole

Edubuntu - Education Linux SkoleLinux

We have already a small article on Debian Edu 9 Stretch. Based on it, Debian 9 Edu / Skolelinux has been released. This GNU/Linux is aimed to serve the needs of students & schools. The release has many preinstalled Plymouth, Nagois & other tools. Edubuntu – SkoleLinux 9 Education Linux In the Last post wee […]

Debian Stretch GNU Released, Debian Upgrade Jessie to Stretch – Check the new features & download links

Debian Stretch Release Date - Debian Upgrade Jessie to Stretch

The Debian development team  has released the latest version of Debian i.e. Debian 9.0 Stretch. The name of this version is named as Toy Story Octopus. This version i.e. Stretch will be remain supported for the next 5 years. Debian 9 included new digital forensics tools, GNOME 3.22,Linux kernel 4.9, default MariaDB, etc. Now you can either […]

Linux Mint 18.2 Released with All New Features – Check Linux Mint Latest Version

Linux Mint 18.2 is named as Sonya

The Linux Mint has released the newer version of its Operating system with so many Improvements. The popular Open Source OS i.e. Mint 18.2 has included changes to the Bluetooth application , Xed text editor, XPlayer, Xreader, Update Manager, etc. All the these are modified in terms of graphics & bug Fixes. Linux Mint 18.2 is […]

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