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Best GST Billing Software for India

Best GST Billing Software for India – Goods & Service Tax Accounting Software Price List

The Indian economy has changed recently after it imposed GST on the various business firms. This went as a pain for many business firms. GST is a quite new topic which has to be understand if you are going to pay taxes & your account books must be maintained accordingly. Some

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How to Put Parental Control on Android Phone - Android Parental Control Time Limit 

Best Free Parental control App for Android in 2017 – Screen Time Parental Controls in iPhone

Screen Time Parental Controls in Android in 2017 In today's world , there is nobody who is using gadgets & online materials on Internet. Here I am talking about the kids who are growing and their are many stuff on Internet which can distract them from their studies & other events

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Contact details of Game of thrones Artists were leaked via an E-mail

Contact details of Game of thrones Artists were leaked via an E-mail – One more Ransom Demand came by some under cover Hacker

In the last post , we have told you about the leak of HBO's Famous Show i.e. Game of Thrones & some other shows. Hackers have claimed that they can leak more stuffs like the script & the other un-released episodes. The leak of Game of Thrones S07E04 leak is related

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 Leaked Scenes – Game of Thrones new episode is available to watch

Hackers who breached the HBO company server on last week. They have leaked the unreleased episodes of Game of Thrones & also made a threat to leak more episodes. The leak could be a GoT episode or script or something else. The GoT S07E04 has already been leaked on Internet and

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Xiaomi Redmi 3x Full Specifications

Xiaomi Redmi 3x First Impressions, Review – redmi 3x price in India Full Specifications

Xiaomi has just released a new budget phone with good hardware configuration. The product is named Redmi 3x. The phone was launched in June 2017. The phone is made to provide a latest technology phone in mid budget smartphone users. Xiaomi Redmi 3x Full Specifications - Xiaomi Redmi 3x First Impressions & Review The

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