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How to Snoop on Someone’s Device Using Spyware Apps for Android

Ever wondered how you can snoop on someone’s smartphone? The thought of snooping into your spouse or friend’s Android phone has often come across your mind. This curiosity has given you sleepless nights especially if you had a hint of the idea if someone is cheating on you.

But spying is not as easy it seems. You either need to be a smart hacker, or in some cases, you even need to involve a third party to snoop on your target’s Android phone. But snooping on someone’s device has been made easy by spyware apps for Android.
The Internet is nowadays rife with news of spyware, but it is almost impossible to review or even try every other spyware app. You would end up wasting a hefty amount and that may sometimes even land you in trouble. So choosing the right spyware is key if you want to spoof on a device. The spyware app for Android that I found most relevant is XNSPY and I will be discussing in detail how you can use this app to snoop on someone’s Android phone.


How to snoop on someone’s phone using XNSPY:

Follow these simple steps to start using the app:

  • First, subscribe to the app by choosing the package plans available. The choice of plan depends upon the type of features you would like to use.
  • Once you have subscribed, an email will be sent to your inbox containing the app download URL, an activation code and credentials to your online account that you would use to access the snooped information.
  • Find the right moment to get a hold of your target’s phone for a few moments and enter the Android download URL you received earlier in the browser and press “Go”.
  • The app will start downloading and you can also check its progress in the notification bar.
  • Make sure to allow unknown sources in settings > security section of the target’s mobile.
  • Wait for the application to be installed on the Android Device.
  • Now open the spyware app for Android and enter the activation code that has been emailed earlier.
  • Select the “Activate” option after correctly entering the software activation code.
  • The target device is now paired with your XNSPY account.
  • You have to wait for around 24-48 for the app to access data from the target device. You can always access the data from your XNSPY dashboard by providing the credentials emailed to you.

Following these steps will make the installation smooth and easy.


Now comes the intriguing part. Once done with the installing app, you are free to snoop the device you want. With the clout of features at your disposal, you can snoop almost every important information you like. Let me discuss a few features here.

  • Access the Location: The android phone keeps your location log. It maintains a diary of all the locations you visit. This app allows you to monitor the places visited by your target person and you can find their location any time you like. It also has a feature of geo-fencing, which means you will be notified every time your targets leaves a certain territory.
  • Call Logs: Calls history is important to those who want to check on their spouse or even employees. With this spyware, you can access all the call details of the target phone. Not only this, it also updates you about the time of the call and provides complete call record in the form of a call log. And if this is not enough it provides call recordings of all the calls made so you can actually know what was discussed in those calls.

  • Spoof on IMs: Spying on someone’s instant messaging apps is a big trouble, especially when it comes to spying on someone. These apps are regularly secured and up-to-date. But you can use this spyware to keep a check on all the social media activity. It provides all the details about the messages and call made. You have access to the multimedia shared through these platforms including photos, videos, and any documents.
  • Create a Watch list: Those who try to spy on someone are always looking for some particular information. To go through all the data on a phone even with using a spyware can be a time-consuming task. You can also create a watch list of specific words or names you are looking for. Whenever the person in the watch list calls or the specific words are exchanged, you will be notified. And that will surely spare you some valuable time to focus other things as well.

  • Round the Clock monitoring: You can’t just wait for the right moment to spoof on someone, nor is the right opportunity available every time one likes. The right moment may never come after all. But XnSPY has this covered for you. Now you can access the target’s phone any time anywhere. It provides you every information regarding the target throughout the day.
  • Check on Surroundings: Now this is one of the coolest features of this spyware. Imagine if the person is not on the call, you may know the location but you have no idea what are they up to and what is going around in their surroundings? You can access the microphone of the target person’s device any time to check what is going on in their surroundings. Very few spyware apps will offer such a feature.

Spyware apps are making rounds every day on the internet. There are many options to choose from. It also depends on how one wants to use it. You can spy, spoof or monitor whoever you like depending upon your purpose. To me, It is apt for anyone who wants to use XNSPY spyware app for Android phone.

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