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How to restrict kids from nasty, sexual content videos on YouTube

Restrict 18+ YouTube videos

Many of us who have become parents & knows a little about the world of Internet, then this article is for you. Here I am going to tell how you can restrict 18+ YouTube videos from your kids.

Restrict 18+ YouTube videos from Kids

Everyone knows the power of YouTube. In the second decade of 21st century, when Internet has every information in itself. Anybody who wants to learn anything can learn either from websites or from YouTube videos. But as everything which have many pros, also have same number of cons too.

Yes, as YouTube claims to let you learn almost anything from it, still there are many videos which should not be on YouTube. These nasty videos have made cluster that are just a piece of vulgarity & shit.

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If you understand then you are right, I am talking about the sexual & abusive material on YouTube. As we are adult & know what is good or bad your kid is not enough mature to know about this. Nowadays these videos are also made on many cartoon characters popular among kids. Many people has created such videos on cartoon characters that depict 18+ content & sexual abuse.

Restrict 18+ YouTube videos
Restrict 18+ YouTube videos

You would never know about this when you kid is watching these videos. Here YouTube is trying hard to remove these videos. Still a lot of effort needs to be made to remove these.

Prevention is better than cure. Yes you can restrict your children to watch such videos.

How to restrict 18+ YouTube videos from kids

  • You can install YouTube kids in your phone or tablet. 
  • This app will restrict most of such videos. This is not a 100% working plan but still you can track what your kid has watched.
  • You can also set a timer in which your kid can watch videos for a limited time.
  • To start the timer click on the lock icon on the bottom of app.
  • Enter a password & use the slider to set a time limit.
  • Tap on Start Timer.

Restricted mode on YouTube Account

  • Sign in to your YouTube Account.
  • In the bottom of your page & click on restricted mode.
  • Turn on the restricted mode & click on Save button.

Google is trying to improve its quality to remove such videos. Google want these video to be restricted from uploading them. This feature will take time in implementation. Till then you have to use restricted mode.

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