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What are the different parts of a Motherboard computer

What does a Motherboard do

A computer is the most evolving machine in the 21st century. But those who are trying to know about the motherboard computer after opening its circuits. There is a green board that is connected with every component of the computer.

Few years back when I was very naive in the computer world , then I had no knowledge about it. But now I have the knowledge to explain you the various parts that resides in the motherboard computer.

What is a Motherboard? – Motherboard Parts

Motherboard is a basic board , technically called a printed circuit board. It is used to connect the different parts of Computer like CPU, Memory , Printer , Mouse. Those who have seen the motherboard connected to the computer that there are multiple lines that are going in the different direction. These are connected to the different components of computer to communicate between the CPU & devices. Communication is done through the electrical signals. These signals are as same as the current flowing in the normal circuit but less in voltage.

Motherboard Diagram

Motherboard diagram
Motherboard diagram

Motherboard’s History – Motherboard Backplane

History of motherboard is as old as microprocessor’s. Microprocessors are like the one which is in your computer like Core I5. Before the invention of motherboard, the computer were made made through multiple PCB’s. These PCB are connected with a back-plane. Back-plane arrange all the other connectors in the parallel way. All the components are connected to the computer via back-plane.

After some years of improvement in the technologies, those back-planes were gone & all the components are connected into a single PCB. This PCB is named as motherboard.

Single Chip Motherboard

After 1980’s Apple & IBM has released the documentation & blueprint of Motherboard. The mass production of Motherboard was started which help the Apple & IBM more popular among the common people. Motherboard has become more complex than before. Thereafter single chip motherboard was developed which supported mouse & keyboard too.

After the millennium 2000 came the advent of clock came & the component like audio, video & network adapters were also embedded in the same chip. The motherboard which comes now in the market have zero option to customize it. The size of motherboard has decreased now & will shrink more in the later years.

Size & Standard of Motherboard – Types of Motherboard

Motherboard Form Factor

Size & shape of motherboard computer is termed in to a single word that is form factor. Most of all motherboard size & shape are same. Some of them differ in the change of brand to brand.

Some of the popular brands are

  1. ATX by Intex.
  2. DTX by AMD.

One more popular form factor that are used by Apple & Intel NUC is MiniPC. These computers are mainly used for word processing , Internet access & video processing.

Components of a Motherboard – Motherboard Circuit

  1. Memory Slots
  2. Sockets
  3. Chipset
  4. Clock Generator
  5. Expansion Card Slots
  6. Storage Connector
  7. Power Connector
  8. Operating Temperature

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